Action for Primates

Long-tailed macaques, photo by Sarah Kite
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Supplemental information for Infant monkeys deliberately subjected to maternal deprivation and maltreatment in publicly funded research in US, published 3 January 2023

Information to prepare an E-mail message manually for this Take Action alert. First create a new message using whatever means is available to you. Use the buttons below to copy the associated information into Windows Clipboard and then paste into the appropriate fields in your blank message.

Alternately, you can click inside each text area below, press Ctrl+A to highlight the contents, then press Ctrl+C to copy the contents. In your blank message, place your cursor in the appropriate field and press Ctrl+V to paste the contents.

Relevant directors of the NIH and its branches, as well as others who are responsible for the research in this Take Action alert:

Information on NIH grant support (funding) is taken verbatim from relevant publications. If you have difficulty with any links provided, you can do your own search through the NIH RePORTER site:, by copying and pasting the grant number into the Search field on the form.

Be aware that some grants include funds for more than experiments on non-human primates.