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Long-tailed macaques, photo by Sarah Kite

News Media Articles Involving Non-primates 2020

The following are general interest articles about non-human primates in 2020. For the current year, choose Resources > Primates in the news from the main menu.

Although an article may be posted here, it does not mean that Action for Primates agrees with any statements made or situations depicted.

See separate page on injuries caused by keeping non-human primates in captivity.

2020-12-31: "Apsara Authority quashes the 'monkey rumour'" Taing Rinith. Khmer Times accessed 2021-03-28
Allan Michaud, a Cambodian-based wildlife conservationist...commented the attacks have not been caused by the primates’ ferocious nature but are instead the “humans’ fault”. “It has been us who have been feeding those monkeys, which leads to them learning to steal and attack people,” he said. “It is indeed our fault.”

2020-12-30: "'Nuisance monkeys' relocated from temples to zoo to protect tourists" Mom Kunthear. The Phnom Penh Post accessed 2021-03-28
... the wild monkeys had become too accustomed to receiving food from tourists and other people...

2020-11-07: "Kataza the baboon to go home to Slangkop after City of Cape Town capitulates" Tred Magill. Independent Online accessed 2021-03-28
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2020-07-28: "Cameroon Allows Logging in Forest That's Home to Gorillas". Pius Lukong. Bloomberg Green accessed 2021-06-10
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2020-07-09: "Almost a third of lemurs and North Atlantic Right Whale now Critically Endangered - IUCN Red List" IUCN accessed 2021-03-29
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2020-07-03: "Supermarkets snub coconut goods picked by monkeys" BBC News accessed 2021-03-29
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2020-06-20: "Trinidad: Venezuelan held after rescue of monkeys, parrots, macaw" Stabroek News. Stabroek News accessed 2021-03-29
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2020-06-20: "Monkey laws pondered at public hearing" Luke Weir. The Mountaineer accessed 2021-03-29

2020-05-18: "Bushmeat could cause the next global pandemic" Ben Garrod. The Conversation accessed 2021-03-29
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2020-05-07: "The Truth Behind Those Videos of Monkeys Riding Tiny Motorcycles" Jelisa Castrodale. Vice accessed 2021-03-29
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2020-04-30: "Wildlife Photographer of the Year: the world's wildlife trade" Alison Groom. Natural History Museum accessed 2021-03-29
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2020-04-23: "Images from a dropped phone reveal the ugly truth behind bonobo trafficking" Mireya Mayor. Mongabay accessed 2021-03-29
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2020-04-07: "US Army Starts Trial Testing Coronavirus Vaccine On Primates - Medical General" Faizan Hashmi. UrduPoint accessed 2021-03-29

2020-04-06: "Tulane University awarded $10.3 million to test therapeutics, vaccines for novel coronavirus" Leslie Tate. Tulane News accessed 2021-03-29

2020-04-02: "Chinese wildlife ban freezes export of test monkeys amid worldwide push for COVID-19 vaccine" Nathan VanderKlippe. The Globe and Mail accessed 2021-03-29

2020-04-02: "DENR official sees revival of native monkey farming amid global virus contagion" Jonathan L. Mayuga. BusinessMirror. accessed 2021-03-29

2020-04-01: "Texas Biomed Receives $3M to Expand Coronavirus Studies" Lindsey Carnett. Rivard Report accessed 2021-03-29

2020-03-30: "Trump Administration Orders $1.8M in Coronavirus Research Monkeys" Lachlan Markay. The Daily Beast accessed 2021-03-29
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2020-03-19: "Trials to begin on Covid-19 vaccine in UK next month" Ian Sample. The Guardian accessed 2021-03-29

2020-03-16: "Starving monkey 'gangs' battle in Thailand as coronavirus keeps tourists away" Brandon Specktor. LiveScience accessed 2021-03-29
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2020-03-13: "Mass monkey brawl highlights coronavirus effect on Thailand tourism" Rebecca Ratcliffe. The Guardian accessed 2021-03-29
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2020-03-13: "Hungry monkeys brawl over food as coronavirus hits tourism in Thailand – video" The Guardian accessed 2021-03-29

2020-02-20: "Louie's Story: Why Monkeys Should Never Be "Pets"" Tim Ajax and Barbar J. King Sentient Media accessed 2021-03-29
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2020-02-18: "The lucrative trade in African primates threatens their survival" Marilyn A. Norconk. The Conversation accessed 2021-03-29
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2020-02-11: "Circus-like performances by snow monkeys in Japan contradict their long-revered status" Rene Ebersole. National Geographic accessed 2021-03-29 (file copy; click linked image to enlarge)
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