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Long-tailed macaques, photo by Sarah Kite

News Media Articles Involving Captive Non-human Primates and Injuries to People

Action for Primates is unreservedly opposed to keeping non-human primates in captivity, especially in private homes. Although a major concern is for the extreme cruelty of this practice, the issue is also one of public health. Non-human primates in captivity regularly attack and injure people because of the psychological damage caused by this incarceration. Below are just a few examples of reports on captive individuals causing injuries to people. Tragically, the non-human primate often ends up being killed for something not their fault, rather the selfish behaviour of people. The 'lesson' learned here should be obvious: government authorities must ban keeping non-human primates in private homes.

2021-06-21: "Umatilla County Sheriff's deputy kills chimpanzee that attacked woman". Catalina Gaitán. The Oregonian accessed 2021-06-22

One more example of why non-human primates of any species should not be kept in private homes. Although people may be injured in these situations, the non-human primate almost always 'pays' for the inhumanity of people by being killed.

2021-06-13: "Money That Escaped, Injured 4 May Not Be Returned to Owner". Associated Press. U.S. News & World Report accessed 2021-06-15
2020-10-19: "HCSO: Neighbors say Church Hill monkey has been ongoing issue after multiple 'conflicts'". Murry Lee. WJHL.com accessed 2021-06-15
2017-08-21: "Karnataka: Farmers use lasers to scare monkeys away". Anonymous. Bangalore Mirror accessed 2021-06-15
Image from article
2015-08-11: "Monkey who escaped, bit hospital employee to move to primate sanctuary". Chris Dyches. WBTV.com accessed 2021-06-15
Image from article
2015-07-10: "Monkey attacks owner, 71". Mom Kunthear. The Phnom Penh Post accessed 2021-12-10
…attacked and seriously injured by his pet monkey…The monkey was later killed by local authorities…
2015-01-30: "Illegal pet monkey bites woman at bank, seized by ACS". R.J. Marquez. KSAT.com accessed 2021-06-15
Image from article
2014-08-06: "Monkey Bites Woman Outside California Pizzeria". Sarah Figalora. ABC News accessed 2021-06-15
Image from article
2013-10-31: "Man's thumb nearly bitten off after giving escaped monkeys an egg sandwich". Becca Mitchell and Reed Andrews. 3WTKR accessed 2021-06-15
Ricky Strong had four monkeys pounce on him, and one of them nearly bit off his thumb. … The monkeys got loose midday Thursday from a Wedgewood shed.
2013-06-13: "Ill. boy bitten by monkey to seek rabies treatment". Anonymous. KFVS12 accessed 2021-06-16
2012-09-08: "Pet monkey detained after biting woman". Anonymous. UPI.com accessed 2021-06-16
2012-07-13: "1 Chimp Dead, 1 Tranquilized After Escaping Las Vegas Home". Cecilia Vega. ABC News accessed 2021-12-10
2011-08-18: "Monkey Attacks Tayce Nickel, Eight-Year-Old Girl In Walmart Parking Lot". Anonymous. HuffPost accessed 2021-06-16
2011-08-05: ""Very aggressive" monkey attacks Tennessee woman". Tim Ghianni. Reuters accessed 2021-06-16
An aggressive snow monkey named Yoshi, who was being kept by a Tennessee family, bit a woman and a sheriff's officer before he was shot and killed, police said on Friday.
2011-03-14: "Macaque monkey bites 10-year-old". Jim Whitfield. ConnectTristates.com accessed 2021-06-16
Image from article
Lee County Sheriff Jim Scholl says a 10-year-old child was taken to Fort Madison Hospital for a cat bite, but hospital personnel eventually learned the child was bitten by a pet macaque monkey. … Scholl says a younger child provoked the monkey, and the bite occured when the 10-year-old tried to intervene.
2010-11-11: "$6,000 pet monkey escapes, attacks Oneida Castle woman". Jennifer Bogdan. Utica Observer-Dispatch
2010-03-31: "Service monkey bites owner… again". Anonymous. NBC2 News
2008-07-11: "Woman bitten by monkey in Columbia". Matt Grant. 13KRCG accessed 2021-06-16
Image from article
Columbia authorities are investigating the second monkey attack in less than a year. … A woman, in her early 20s, reported being bitten on the hand by a friend's pet snow monkey, also known as a Japanese macaque.
2008-02-29: "Pet lemur bites Gilbert boy to the bone". Nick Martin. East Valley Tribune accessed 2021-06-16
A three-year-old Gilbert boy was bitten on his wrist, possibly down to his bone, Friday afternoon by his family's pet primate.
2007-11-08: "Baboon bites toddler at fair". Preston Sparks. The Augusta Chronicle
2006-06-07: "Monkey business stirs up neighborhood". Ryan Tate. KFVS12 accessed 2021-06-16
Image from article
2005-08-05: "Monkey Law". Cheryl Smith. The Austin Chronicle accessed 2021-06-16