Action for Primates

Long-tailed macaques, photo by Sarah Kite
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Long-tailed macaques living freely in Mauritius

Action for Primates is a UK-based project that advocates globally on behalf of non-human primates. Despite their status as our closest living biological relatives, non-human primates face many threats and continue to suffer and be exploited by humans around the world, whether in their native habitat, in trade and transportation, in research and toxicity testing laboratories, in private homes, in zoos, as entertainment, on social media, or as food and body parts.

Action for Primates exists to raise awareness and encourage humans to take action on behalf of primates everywhere.

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Action Alerts
Long-tailed macaques with neck collars; SOKO Tierschutz and Cruelty Free International
Macaques forced to inject cocaine in publicly funded research in USA
Long-tailed macaques in transit crates, Cambodia; Cruelty Free International
Urge SkyTaxi to stop transporting monkeys
Mother and baby rhesus macaque; Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals
Pregnant rhesus macaques fed cannabis, near-term foetuses removed and killed
Olive baboon, former 'pet', USA; Sarah Kite/Born Free
Captive Primate Safety Act reintroduced in USA Congress
Wild-caught mother whose infant was taken in Indonesia; Action for Primates
Join call to USA to end cruel macaque imports from Indonesia
Green monkeys living freely; tjabeljan
Concerns over slaughter of green monkeys in Barbados
Garina crying out, wrists taped
New report reveals short, tragic lives of two baby monkeys tortured and abused for Facebook videos
Infant long-tailed macaque abused for 'entertainment' on social media; Action for Primates
Former teacher pleads guilty in US baby monkey torture case
Infant long-tailed macaque; Cruelty Free International
British woman pleads guilty in monkey torture case
Juvenile long-tailed macaque in Borneo; Charles J. Sharp
MeWe takes action to tackle online monkey torture content
Long-tailed macaques in transit crates, Cambodia; Cruelty Free International
Global macaque supply industry under the spotlight during Cambodia monkey smuggling trial
Long-tailed macaque in Mauritius monkey farm; Cruelty Free International
Mauritius reports major increase in monkey exports during 2023

We use the term primates to refer to non-human primates. Further, although we are in principle opposed to any primate being held in captivity, we know that some individuals who are rescued from private homes, laboratories, zoos and other captive situations cannot be rehabilitated and returned to their natural habitat. We support these individuals being cared for by genuine sanctuaries, in as close to natural conditions as feasible for their entire lives, and not being exploited in any way.

Action for Primates recognises that all animals, not just non-human primates, deserve respect and protection from harm by humans.