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Long-tailed macaques, photo by Sarah Kite

News Media Articles Involving Non-human Primates 2022

The following are articles about non-human primates reported in the news media. The first section lists articles involving Action for Primates. The second section lists other articles.

See elsewhere for non-human primates in the news from other years.

Although an article may be posted here, it does not mean that Action for Primates agrees with any statements made or situations depicted. It should be clear that we are unequivocally opposed to keeping non-human primates in captivity.

See separate page on injuries caused by keeping non-human primates in captivity.

Articles involving Action for Primates

General interest articles

2022-01-14: "DRC: Belgian justice sentences 3 wildlife traffickers". Boris Ngounou. Afrik21 accessed 2022-01-16

2022-01-04: "CBP Officers Discover Undeclared Spider Monkeys at Progreso International Bridge". USCBP. U.S. Customs and Border Protection accessed 2022-01-06
Image from article

2022-01-01: "Clash looms as LCC Monkeys 'raid' Lekki residents' homes". Chijioke Iremeka. medium accessed 2022-01-02
Image from article